Adam Alis Not Close Possible Return to Persija

Adam Alis Not Close Possible Return to Persija

Players Arema FC, Adam Alis, began ogled several League 1 teams towards the end of the highest caste football competition in the country. Nevertheless, Ada has not yet made a decision.

Reported from, Adam admitted to focus with Singo Edan to finish the competition this season. Based on the schedule, Arema stay leaving three matches.

However, Adam did not refuse to return to defend his former club, Persija Jakarta. Moreover Persija performance is quite consistent throughout the League 1 2017.

“I think this year Persija better and professional,” he said.

“The players who defend Persija Jakarta must be happy.”

“If you say interested, of course I’m interested to return to Persija but now I still want to focus on defending Arema FC until this season ends.”

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