Cassano: I Leave Verona, Not Soccer

Cassano: I Leave Verona, Not Soccer

Former Italy striker Antonio Cassano announces that he left Hellas Verona, but has not retired from football Agen Poker Online.

Verona confirmed on Monday morning that Cassano would leave the club, only after a few nights after his arrival, but the 34-year-old quickly clarified that reports that he was hanging up was a lie.

“I do not intend to get out of football, I simply do not feel right to go with Hellas Verona,” Carolina’s Antonio Marcialis wrote.

“Physically I am in very good shape, because in 15 days I made preparations, but from the mental side I am not excited anymore to support this club.

“Thank you from my heart for President Setti, Fusco sporting director, Coach Pecchia and the squad who have accepted me! AIR CONDITIONING.”

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