Do not Repeat Against Supporters’ Messages!

Do not Repeat Against Supporters’ Messages!

The death of supporters due to clashes with the apparatus during a football game is not the first time. Why re-repeat itself?

The most recent incident struck Banu Rusman, 17 years old. He died allegedly due to clash with other audiences uniformed TNI in the match between PSMS Medan with Persita Tangerang in the last 16 of League 2 at Mini Stadium Persikabo, Bogor, Wednesday (11/10/2017).

Once rushed to the hospital, Banu died. His body was buried in Pekalongan, Central Java, Friday (13/10).

The antarsuporter riot happened after the game was over. Started when Persita supporters down to the field because of disappointment his team to defeat 0-1.

Later, they visited PSMS supporters who were mostly members of the military. Action throwing stones and bottles occurred. Do not accept the act of supporters Persita, PSMS supporters who cropped the crew back down to the field chasing Persita supporters.

Based on data from the Research and Development Institute (R & D) Save Our Soccer # SOS, Banu is the 65th victim in Indonesian football since the League Indonesia rolled in 1994/1995.

“It is very risky if the state institutions, especially law enforcement officers (TNI and Police) are involved in the competition, the potential for friction at the grass-roots level is very large, especially soccer involving the masses (spectators, supporters, fans),” said SOS coordinator Akmal Marhali , in release to detikSport.

“The security apparatus is better restored to its main function, including maintaining security and comfort in football matches,” he added.

The following clash between civilian civil servants and military officers before Banu:

Persegres Gresik United vs PS TNI

Clash between supporters with TNI members occurred in Persegres Gresik United fight against PS TNI in May 2016 at the Petrochemical Stadium during the TSC tournament. The clashes were caused by misunderstandings between Persegres supporters and PSI supporters. As a result, both supporters mock each other, and involved physical violence until the chase in the field.

The riot resulted in 50 victims, Ultras Gresik, injured. They are Ultras Gresik supporters. After the clashes ensued, the two sides finally agreed to make peace.

Komdis PSSI sentenced both teams. PS TNI fined Rp 50 million and two games without spectators. Meanwhile, Gresik United sanctioned a fine of Rp 10 million.

Persija Jakarta vs Sriwijaya FC

Persija match with Sriwijaya FC at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (SUGBK) in 2016 and is not supported by supporters of the apparatus. However, a riot broke out between The Jakmania and a police officer in the VIP East tribune. The reason, the apparatus arrested hundreds of supporters who tried to enter the field.

The Jakmania allegedly entered the field for avoiding tear gas fired at them. As a result, mutual chase and violence action took place on the field.

Sepadankah achieves three points with the drift of life?

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