Failed to Defeat 10 Indonesian Players, Vietnam Became Highlight in Their Own Country

Failed to Defeat 10 Indonesian Players, Vietnam Became Highlight in Their Own Country

Vietnam failed to win against Indonesia U-22 national team in the fourth match of Group B SEA Games 2017 elimination at Majlis Stadium Selayang, Tuesday (22/08/2017). Superior number of players since the 62nd minute, The Golden Star had to settle for sharing points due to 0-0 final result.

Yes, U-22 national team lost Hanif Sjahbandi in the minute because this defensive midfielder received a red card. As a result, Luis Milla’s troops continue to get attack but the defense meeting makes Vietnam frustrated and unable to score goals.

This makes Vietnamese media highlights the performance of their national team. At least two Vietnamese media outlets reviewed the results, VN Expres and Bongda.

In general, both media regrets the failure of Vietnam national team scooped three points from Indonesia. Though since the beginning of the match, Vietnam dominated the game, especially after Garuda Young appeared with 10 players since the 62nd minute.

They also questioned the sharpness of the Golden Star front line, particularly the attacker Tuan Tai. This player has a golden opportunity when living facing Kartika goalkeeper Ajie but his kick did not bear fruit because the skin round can still be pushed Kartika Ajie so it is about the crossbar before the field.

Both media also questioned the firmness and decision of the referee. They judge the referee is less assertive against violations of Indonesian players are considered hard and should receive more rewards.

One of the highlights is when Rezaldi Hehanusa did tackling against Quang Hai in the Indonesian penalty box. From their observations, Rezaldi’s action should bear fruit kick 12 pas.

Bongda also criticized the decision of Vietnamese coach Nguyen Huu Tang, who did not use a third substitution to sharpen their attack line. Nevertheless, the media also appreciated the dominance of Vietnam’s midfield that was raised by Xuan Truong’s quartet, Mr. Anh, Van Toan and Hong Duy.

While Malaysian media, Bernama, assess the draw between the two teams is a form of success Indonesia keep the opportunity to pass to the next phase.

Indeed, Raihan one point is very important for the U-22 national team because it has a good chance to advance to the semifinals. Currently Luis Milla’s men are in third place with eight points, two adrift of Vietnam and Thailand at the top.

But in the last match on Thursday (24/8), U-22 national team met a weak team that now inhabit the bottom of the standings, Cambodia. Meanwhile, Vietnam will kill each other with Thailand to fight tickets to the last four.

Indonesia is predicted to gain full points over Cambodia. But so that his fate is not determined by Vietnam vs Thailand results, Garuda Young must win by a goal difference of at least three.

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