Liverpool Tacticsman Expects Mohamed Salah And Sadio Mane Can Impersonate Robbery Duet, Can?

Liverpool Tacticsman Expects Mohamed Salah And Sadio Mane Can Impersonate Robbery Duet, Can?

Jurgen Klopp looks forward to the sharpness of duets Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane in the Liverpool wing line. He also expects that both players can imitate traces of success such as duet Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery at Bayern Munich.

Liverpool managed to secure the signature Salah from AS Roma in June yesterday. Winger from Egypt was imported with a transfer value of 36.9 million pounds. Nimai transfer who successfully crowned Salah became the most expensive player of the Reds throughout history.

The Wrong Arrival makes Klopp have another option on Liverpool’s attack line. It is projected that he will be paired with Mane who previously operated on the right side of the attack last season.

With Mane returning in the Reds training session following a knee injury calling for a very long recovery time, Mane-Salah’s duet hope will soon come true. Klopp has even confirmed that Mane is willing to be placed on the left side of the attack.

Klopp has many schema options

Can not wait to see the super-fast wing duet, Klopp likes Salah-Mane like the famous duet pair of Munchen’s Robbery.

“Sadio (Mane) can play on the right and Mohamed (Salah) can play as player number 10. It does not matter,” Klopp said.

“Mo can even play as player number 9. He can be a striker, a hole striker, as he did in Rome. We have many different options, ”

“Bayern Munich has the most memorable success with a left-handed leg on the right wing and a right foot on the left wing. Ribery and Robben. That’s not a bad idea! ”

“Sadio never played in the left position before. Mostly easier for a player who plays in a winger position placed on any side. ”

“Both of our players have the ability and speed to play on both wings. Sure, we think about it but nowadays it still has a lot of options in attack line, ”

“We will consider them all and then make a decision in the match later.”

Liverpool hope the attackers are in shape

Back to practice Mane to be good news for the Reds. The 25-year-old scored 13 goals and created eight assists in 29 appearances last season, having joined from Southampton.

His absence during the African Cup of Nations was a big problem for Liverpool. In addition to the knee injury he suffered in April in the Merseyside derby, it made Liverpool’s ambitions almost disappear.

Now his hope is Mane can keep fit and his duet with Salah will be a frightening specter for the opponent’s defense next season. Let’s wait! (Source: Liverpool Echo)

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