Mkhitaryan Shoot Champions League

Mkhitaryan Shoot Champions League
Henrikh Mkhitaryan did not cover his big ambitions with Manchester United in the upcoming season. Mkhitaryan wants to succeed in the Champions League.

Mkhitaryan was quite successful in his first season with United. Had difficulty in the beginning, players from Armenia slowly start to tune and able to show off.

Together with ‘Red Devils’, Mkhitaryan won the Community Shield, the English League Cup and the Europa League last season. Mkhitaryan even played a major role in the success of Manchester United won the Europa League by scoring in the final.

After winning in the Europa League, Mkhitaryan targets success in other European Champions League competitions next season.

“In football, the best moment is the final.Obviously, lifting the Europa League trophy in Stockholm feels special,” Mkhitaryan told Marca.

“We worked very hard to win the competition and now we really can not wait to get back into the Champions League.”

“We always target victories in every game and hopefully everything goes according to our expectations in every competition,” continued Mkhitaryan.

“We are a team that has a DNA Champions League, Manchester United is the Champions League and Champions League is Manchester United,” he said.

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