Steady Soul, Michael Essien Already Have NPWP!

Steady Soul, Michael Essien Already Have NPWP!

Ghana footballer who is now playing for Persib Bandung, Michael Essien, not only good at grazing. Essien is also a figure of a tax-abiding public figure Sbobet Casino.

The proof, just Essien received the Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) from the Tax Region Office of the Directorate General of Tax West Java l.

Through his official Twitter account at @DitjenPajakRI, the Directorate General of Taxes of the Ministry of Finance uploaded the moment.

“Michael Essien and his NPWP,” the caption was uploaded Wednesday (8/23/2017).

A number of netizens then appreciated Essien’s compliance with tax laws in Indonesia. Like the following comments.

“@DitjenPajakRI The wise man @MichaelEssien,” wrote account @ HendraSSumpena.

“@DitjenPajakRI Mantep iki @MafiaWasit @my_supersoccer,” write @dDon_Johan account.

“@DitjenPajakRI Steady soul,” commented account @ HerryAlexander2.

When confirmed, Thursday (24/08/2017), Kakanwil DJP West Java 1 Yoyok Satiotomo explained, since arriving in Indonesia, Essien has often asked about the certainty and legality of taxes as foreigners living in Indonesia.

According to him, Essien’s initiative is rarely done by other foreigners.

“In fact, he is asking directly about his tax ID, an initiative that deserves appreciation,” Yoyok said.

Proud of Essien’s obedience, Yoyok and his staff provide direct NPWP Essien at Graha Persib, yesterday.

Yoyok added, this Persib is one football club that obediently pay taxes and should be a role model.

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