The World Cup is Buffon’s Biggest Dream

The World Cup is Buffon’s Biggest Dream

Gianluigi Buffon said he could ‘rest in peace’, having won the World Cup with Italy in 2006

The goalkeeper is a key member of the winning team over France in Berlin, and he became the most admired Azzurri player of all time.

“I realized the biggest dream I could get as a kid, where it became a footballer,” Buffon said when met by reporters.

“When I was a kid, I looked at sticker albums and dreamed of playing in Serie A and for the national team, but maybe dreaming of the World Cup is too high.”

“I slept before the Champions League final, but before the World Cup I did not sleep even a minute.”

“Winning the World Cup is like a sign that life is unique and you can even die peacefully.”

“If you are chosen to represent Italy, you can not help but dream of winning, because that dream is motivation. As an athlete, do not kill your dreams or ambitions. “

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